resting by the sea

One of the things that attracted my husband to Puerto Rico when deciding on where we should go on vacation was the cemetery in Old San Juan. It’s next to the ocean, between the two forts, and absolutely gorgeous with all of the white crosses and statues. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear to be open to the public. However, you could get pretty close to it by walking out along the fort walls, and I managed to get some pretty good shots. I will confess though, I didn’t see the green parakeets… my husband texted me and I was running over but they flew away before I got there 😦



Numbers mean nothing.  You can hear about how many “troops” die, but it’s really hard to grasp that a “troop” is a person, and how many people die for a “cause.” Visiting Arlington National cemetery, and seeing the rows upon rows of white graves, knowing that it is but a small number of the men and women who have died in war is… sobering.