sunset paddle

It’s been a several years since my first kayaking trip through the mangrove tunnels near Sarasota, Florida. I’ve been kayaking a time or two since, but it’s been awhile…so when my husband and I saw the sign for a sunset paddle on the very calm Back Bay in Virginia, we decided to sign up. As soon as I got in the kayak, I realized I forgot that you get really wet, especially when you paddling technique is somewhat lacking. I also realized that I can’t paddle a kayak in a straight line to save my life! and that whole paddle on the right side to go left– ha! forgot every time! It takes a lot of mental focus to move in the correct direction, especially for someone who just wants to look around the whole time. Fortunately for me, the other couple on the trip were also fairly novice so my struggles weren’t quite as obvious.

All of the effort was worth it though– I saw an owl fly by, a heron, an eagle nest (but no eagle), and had a lot of fun with a workout (surprisingly didn’t regret it the next morning either!) Another fortunate thing was that I got to borrow my cousin’s waterproof camera, so I was able to get some pics of the trip!


outex at ohiopyle

In about a month, I will be visiting Puerto Rico. And as every photographer knows, travel means time to buy more gear! Ok, maybe that’s not every photographer, but that’s the way it seems for me. Since I will be spending several days in the ocean at a spot known for snorkeling as well as going through the rainforest where you are pretty much guaranteed to come out wet, I decided to get an Outex for my camera. The camera’s wetsuit finally arrived on Friday, so first thing was taking a shower and playing with a rubber ducky in the bath tub. Yesterday, we went for the first real test… the cascade falls at Ohiopyle. Here are some of my favorites from the hike, both in and out of the water.

Don’t forget, you can click on a photo to make it larger 🙂

smoothed waves

Just spent Thanksgiving weekend in Virginia, but sadly only had enough time to make it to the beach one day.  Before I left, I got an eBook on slow shutter speeds.  It had a section on “Intentional Camera Movement” photography, which I’ve tried before with some success, but couldn’t wait to try on the beach.  I got one that worked perfectly! Love the way it smoothed everything into a watercolor-esque photo.  However, I still like the normal long exposure photo too.


While I was trying to get some water motion shots, my husband found this cute little caterpillar 🙂

early birds

When I’m on vacation or camping, especially near water, I rarely sleep in.  I love the pinky blue morning light and watching water birds as the sun comes up.  This weekend, I did sleep in– a bit.  The sun had broken the horizon by a few minutes 😉