Wash Woods cemetery

Last week, I visited False Cape State Park— a park that is between Virginia Beach and North Carolina and accessible only by foot, bike or paddle boat… or tram. The idea of a tram tour wasn’t too exciting since I like to meander and take photos and watch birds, but there was NNOOOO way I was going to walk 10 miles roundtrip with a heat index of over 100F (37.8C)! However, I knew there was a cemetery from the Wash Woods settlement that had been abandoned in the 1930’s, and the cemetery was on the tour– so off I went. Am so glad I did! Got some great shots of herons and egrets along the way, and the cemetery with it’s sea shell gifts was well worth the trip.


sunset paddle

It’s been a several years since my first kayaking trip through the mangrove tunnels near Sarasota, Florida. I’ve been kayaking a time or two since, but it’s been awhile…so when my husband and I saw the sign for a sunset paddle on the very calm Back Bay in Virginia, we decided to sign up. As soon as I got in the kayak, I realized I forgot that you get really wet, especially when you paddling technique is somewhat lacking. I also realized that I can’t paddle a kayak in a straight line to save my life! and that whole paddle on the right side to go left– ha! forgot every time! It takes a lot of mental focus to move in the correct direction, especially for someone who just wants to look around the whole time. Fortunately for me, the other couple on the trip were also fairly novice so my struggles weren’t quite as obvious.

All of the effort was worth it though– I saw an owl fly by, a heron, an eagle nest (but no eagle), and had a lot of fun with a workout (surprisingly didn’t regret it the next morning either!) Another fortunate thing was that I got to borrow my cousin’s waterproof camera, so I was able to get some pics of the trip!

in the meantime…

Took a trip to Chicago this weekend… saw some friends, drank a bit of beer, ate WAY too much food, oh– and took a few too many pictures 🙂 We went to the Shedd Aquarium, and in 5 hours managed to take 850 photos (and my husband has another 500 or so for me to work with!). Since it’ll probably take all night for me just to get the photos into Lightroom, I decided to post some pics from my last vacation back in November. So, here’s two very very old graves (sadly, I don’t know how old and didn’t see dates on them) from Williamsburg, Virginia. I’m pretty sure, based on the imagery and location, that they are the oldest graves I’ve ever togged.

angel detail



skull detail

American Dream

I’m not sure why white picket fences are associated with the “American Dream” but they were rather prevalent in Colonial Williamsburg… and as fences are a fabulous tool for catching all sorts of splendid bokeh, I of course, snapped a pic of almost every one!  Here are just a few: