“I almost wish we were butterflies…

… and liv’d but three summer days – three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.”
–John Keats


Old Man’s Cave

What do you imagine when you hear the word “cave” ?  To me, it’s an area that’s in the earth that you enter via a hole in the ground or a “door” and typically it’s a dark and scary place.  With bats.  Well, I guess my definition is too narrow because Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills State Park is a “cave,” but it’s really just an wide shelter that’s been wedged into the mountain.  It’s huge and quite spectacular, not scary at all, and while there may be bats- I didn’t see any!  So continuing with our trek, here’s some of the sun rays, dried up waterfalls, crazy looking tree roots, and reflections I saw on the way to the cave.  Oh, and yes… some shots of the cave as well.




last bit of summer

The golden hour is getting earlier and earlier, and in some ways that is great for me as it’s right around the time I’m off work and tend to shoot the most during the week.  But sadly, it seems it’s also getting shorter and shorter– or maybe it’s only that I noticed how fast it passes as I’m enjoying it.  Today, I stalked the light around my backyard and spent a few minutes with this little gal as she basked in the light with me.

B&A- Rusty old fence

For this week’s B&A, I have chosen to show you how I processed a fence photo that I took in the Beard-Green Cemetery in Dawes Arboretum in Newark, Ohio.   The cemetery is quite small, maybe 50 graves are so (if you want to see more of the cemetery, please check my previous post).  This fence surrounds one of the larger monuments.   Three sides are still standing perfectly upright, but of course, I find this angle of the broken down fence, overgrown with life, to be much more interesting.

The day was overcast and rainy, in fact I took this shot about 10 minutes before it started to pour down rain.  Overall, I feel it’s a bit dark and you don’t really get a sense of the nice rusted texture of the iron and I needed to crop up the sides slightly just to clean up the composition.  I tried a few Lightroom presets, but eventually went with Sarah-Ji’s Gingko.

To finish it off, I really wanted it to be a touch more golden and I love using textures to give some subtle depth and well, texture, to the photo.  I wanted to enhance that old feel, so I added the “Ancient Urban” texture from French Kiss textures (it’s a freebie when you sign up!).  To get this look, I duplicated the photo layer and sandwiched the texture between them.  The texture was an blended as an Overlay at 60-70% and while the top photo layer was blended at Soft Light 80-90%.  And here’s what I ended up with…

serenity on the lake

For the last weekend of summer, I went camping at Pymatuning Lake on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Saturday was blazing hot, Sunday was warm and wet wet wet… but despite the constant moisture from sweat and rain, it was still a nice weekend overall.  I got to relax a lot and read, which is something I do less and less now that I am obsessed with photography.   I finished Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies which while good, I would recommend her other collection of short stories, Unaccustomed Earth, over this one.  I have now started The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova, based on a friend’s recommendation. So far so good (though I haven’t had time to read all week), let’s hope he’s steered me in a good direction.

Enough about that, I know that I am no literary critic and never would want to be. This is supposed to be a blog about photography, isn’t it?  Even though I am up before the sun every day, it is rare that I get to spend time with my camera in the morning.  Here’s a few shots from the first morning on the lake, and one from the sunrise that night because it looks nice with the set.