took a bit of a break working on vacation photos to work on some photos from the Pittsburgh Botanical Garden… just some fun bugs and flowers.


life around the pond

I’ve never been able to spot a frog when I’ve been near water– I may hear them all over but not spot them anywhere. A couple weeks ago while we were in Colonial Williamsburg, we took a walk around the pond near the Governor’s mansion and I was in awe of how many frogs there were. Hundreds of them! All sitting on the pond scum and if you made too much noise they’d all hop off at once, then start to reappear about a minute later. There were also tons of dragonflies… it was a good day.

the land of the eight-legged monsters

I went hiking in the “wildflower reserve” at Raccoon Creek State Park this weekend… I think it’s the third time I’ve been there and there is an astonishing lack of anything floral, which is quite shocking since you can drive anywhere and seen zillions of wildflowers along the side of the road in Pennsylvania. Either way, it is quite a lovely area and the hiking is nice because unlike some regions of the state “moderate hiking” really means “moderate”! On this little trek through the woods, I spotted an abundance of eight legged critters… so I had to shoot them all! Here’s just a few of my favorites– the ones that were kind enough to sit still for a moment and smile for the camera.