took a bit of a break working on vacation photos to work on some photos from the Pittsburgh Botanical Garden… just some fun bugs and flowers.


the stone lodge trail

So, now for my final post of photos from last weekend…  It really was quite the productive togging weekend between the supermoon and birds and camping so all i “had” to do was eat and click.  This set is from the bit of hiking I did on the Stone Lodge Trail behind the visitor center at Keystone Lake State Park.  For as many times as I’ve been to this park, either for day trips or to camp, I’m really surprised I’ve never wondered around on this path.  Like most Western Pennsylvania trails, it’s listed as light to moderate after a “short incline” at the beginning.  HA! says the midwestern girl (read flat flat flat farm land girl). After a short (ie HALF the trail!) steep incline followed by a shallow incline and then a sudden decline at the end… ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating.  Just want y’all to know that light to moderate by Pennsylvania standards is EXTREMELY STRENUOUS by Illinois standards 🙂  but you  know… it sure is purty out here!

playing in the cactus room

Had some fun taking macro shots of cacti this weekend… and then not so much pulling the little spikes out afterwards.  Note to self– The cactus room is dangerous!