textured trio…

love the crazy numerous petals and varieties of mums on display at Phipps right now, had to go two weeks in a row to enjoy them all! here’s some shot with the lensbaby, with some texture added…


Dinosaurs are attacking Pittsburgh!

Apparently people in Pittsburgh didn’t learn their lesson from Jurassic Park and had to give it a go by creating Prehistoric Phipps… well, I’m sure you know what happened šŸ™‚ I think this has to be my favorite of the holiday train displays Phipps has done in the 5 years I’ve been seeing them, it was pretty exceptional! Complete with an erupting volcano, lights and explosions! Can’t wait to go back and see what all I missed the first time around.

reeking romero

Last night was a very big night! Romero’s bloom opened and emitted a foul stench throughout the normally lovely floral Phipps. Romero (named after Pittsburgh’s zombie film-maker George Romero), is a corpse flower. These plants only bloom for 24-48h every 6-8 years and when they do, they emit a rather foul stench to attract beetles to pollinate them. Flowers are very clever.

blue beauty

I’m not quite sure what this flower is… it’s tall with a single flower on a the stem. I think it’s an anemone of some sort, but none of the images in google show it with yellow anthers, so I’m not sure. Whatever it is… it sure is pretty!

UPDATE: It’s a Himalyan Blue Poppy šŸ™‚


I’m ready for spring, but we are still having freezing temps and snow, so I had to settle for some artificial spring at Phipps today. I find it very intriguing the way many (all?) flowers have symmetry in them, which is very obvious when you look inside tulips. The repeating elements remind me of looking into a kaleidoscope.