it’s been awhile…

Awhile….?  Wow, like 8 months… Where has the time gone? What have I been doing?  I’m not sure.  Let’s see– I’ve started quilting again and made a few of those, that’s probably one of my main time-sucks.  And work has gotten more intense, so I’m kinda exhausted. And there’s been some home improvement projects going on…  I also adopted a dog in February and she’s great! She really isn’t the best togging buddy, though– but i just can’t bring myself to leave her home while i go out and spend time with my camera.  She’s just too much fun to be with 🙂

This weekend, however, I had to run some errands and I also wanted to take some photos. I haven’t had my camera out since June!!  In August, a new botanical garden opened in the Pittsburgh area– and while I did go out and take some photos on the opening weekend– I never got around to posting them.  When we were there, wandering through the meadow area, I was upset that I hadn’t brought my macro lens and swore that we would go back in the next week or two with it… that ended up being like 7 weeks.  I can’t wait for spring and hope to find lots of bees and beetles and shield bugs and lady bugs and maybe even a preying mantis! but for now, I found a ton of grasshoppers!  See…



some surprise company

I love when I’m taking macro shots of flowers and get startled by some teeny tiny bug crawling around… of course, then it becomes a huge challenge to get a shot with the little buggers in focus! And I’m pretty sure that the smaller the bug, the faster they crawl. To be honest, the ants weren’t surprise guests as I knew it was that time for them to crawling around my peony buds– but this has shocked me in the past so it sort of counts 😉 But I certainly didn’t see the orange spidery things or the red bug until I was looking through the macro lens– they are so small you may need to click the pic to get a better view, and maybe find your reading glasses.

blue beauty

I’m not quite sure what this flower is… it’s tall with a single flower on a the stem. I think it’s an anemone of some sort, but none of the images in google show it with yellow anthers, so I’m not sure. Whatever it is… it sure is pretty!

UPDATE: It’s a Himalyan Blue Poppy 🙂


I’m ready for spring, but we are still having freezing temps and snow, so I had to settle for some artificial spring at Phipps today. I find it very intriguing the way many (all?) flowers have symmetry in them, which is very obvious when you look inside tulips. The repeating elements remind me of looking into a kaleidoscope.

a touch of crazy

I know better than to go to Phipps Conservatory on a weekend afternoon… there’s always too many people for me to really even attempt to get good photos. Not to mention, a greenhouse on a sunny day at noon is pretty much an effort in futility to try to get good photos anyway. But for some reason yesterday, when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, I forgot about these things because I was so excited for the Orchid show. Well, I’m going to go back tomorrow first thing when they open to try to get some orchid pics, but here are a few crazy little abstracts to match my craziness for going yesterday!






A couple weeks ago I bought this really spiffy collage-style frame that holds 9 photos.   I began the daunting task of working through and trying to choose the photos for the frame and had ideas of ones that I wanted to use but as I was working through Lightroom, I realized how lax I’ve gotten about adding keywords to my photos.  The bit of time that it takes to do this as you add them to LR is no where near how long you spend in a few months trying to find that ONE photo you need– trust me!  So, I’ve been going through the archives adding keywords and putting photos in places on the map in LR4.  In doing so, I discovered that I currently have 2719 photos from Phipps Conservatory.  Naturally I had to start going through them, so here’s a small collection of black and whites focusing on all the intricacies of flower petals…