Over Christmas, I spent the week with my nieces and nephew (oh, and the rest of the family…). I always come with plenty of craft and game ideas for the kids, but this year… as we were wondering around one of those “everything’s a dollar” stores, my husband spied an aisle of glow-jewelry and got a bright (hehe) idea for a fun time with the kids, that was really all a project for me šŸ˜‰ So, a basket full of necklaces and bracelets in every available color later, and a rave with a 3, 6, and 8 yo in the basement, and this is what we got! The kiddos had a blast, and I got to take some really cool shots. Trying to get them to do anything planned was a bit like herding kittens, so everything here (except my poor attempt at drawing angel wings) was spontaneous. Maybe it’s just because I did it with kids, but I see animals and dinosaurs in a lot of the shots… what do you see?



Last month, I visited McConnell’s Mill Park and tried to take a step back and focus on the big picture, rather than just closing in for macro shots with lots of pretty bokeh. I carried my tripod around for about 6 miles and must say that it was worth feeling like a pack mule when I finally got the chance to go through my photos this past weekend. Here are a few from the Hell’s Hollow trail.


While I was trying to get some water motion shots, my husband found this cute little caterpillar šŸ™‚


Time for another break from the beautiful nature of Hocking Hills State Park.Ā  When we got back from camping, there was a (very!) small fair in town and so I thought that it was about time to try some long exposure shots of rides and such- every photographer needs a good Ferris Wheel shot, right?Ā  I got a couple good shots, but there wasn’t much to chose from so hopefully I’ll get another shot this summer… and I do love carnival food, so that’s just one more reason to watch out for a festival!