beer signs + glass block

Walking back to our car from Art All Night, we passed this bar with glass block windows and a blue steel door… you know… one of those bars you only know is a bar because of the neon beer signs. This one was special though, because the signs were behind the glass block so as you moved around and looked from different angles, you got all sorts of great distorted patterns. Two bad they only had two windows… and served only Miller and Molson Ice– I’d have loved a Guiness sign!


the venue as art

The Art All Night event took place on Saturday night, and while I’ve been too crazed lately to get around to getting a piece ready for submission (I got my first sale at last year’s event!), I did make it to the event to wander around and look at the bizarre collection of art that amasses at a free, non-juried show.  Craziness!  But, as is typical for me when there’s an art event in an old building… it’s the building that holds my attention.  Here are a few photos of art and a bunch of the Willow Creek Developments warehouse where it held.

street art

Went on another outing with the Pittsburgh Photo Safari Meetup group this weekend…  this time, we walked along Penn Ave  in the Lawerenceville-Garfield area of Pittsburgh.  We ended at Allegheny National Cemetery, but those photos will have to wait.  First up, some of the bright colors of the neighborhood.


Met some friends for dinner at the Church Brew Works last night, but took a short walk around the neighborhood first…  I love going to somewhere new and just looking around, you never know what you’ll find.  Didn’t really think that I got much while I was out, but what I did snap I really like and I need to remind myself that it’s quality, not quantity, that’s important.