Sheep Labor

Visited an old cemetery outside of Philadelphia this weekend…. and passed about 100 others. This area is a taphophile’s paradise!  The reason we actually visited this one is that the lawn is maintained by three sheep, and why wouldn’t you go to a cemetery that has sheep!  I couldn’t actually get close enough to pet them (though I tried!), so I just have to imagine how soft they feel when I look at the photos.


period people

I spent Labor Day weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia… mostly riding rollercoasters at Busch Gardens but we also spent a bit of time at Colonial Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg is an area where many of the buildings have been reconstructed/restored to the way the were before the American Revolution, and new buildings constructed using similar tools, materials, etc as then– to the extreme that they make the nails for new buildings by hand at the blacksmith! The workers all dress in period clothes, perform work according to period traditions and they have reenactments of historical events throughout the day. Last time I visited, I focused mainly on the details of the buildings, animals and things… but despite knowing that the people know their being photographed, I was still a bit shy of shooting them. I have a history nerd friend who was a bit disappointed with my lack of people photos in the last trip, so this time I made a strong effort to get the people…

first stop… woodford reserve

A nice, small distillery with gorgeous limestone buildings was our first stop on the Bourbon Trail.  There is a huge horse farm across the street and when we got there (a few minutes behind schedule so JUST in time for the tour), a couple lovely horses were right next to the fence.  Sadly, my husband was more interested in bourbon than horses–so we had to rush for the tour and by the end, they had wandered off to some other part of their farm so I couldn’t tog them.  Oh well, maybe next time…  we only made to it three distilleries so we have 5 more to go!