mushroom hunt

Last weekend, I visited Fallingwater (which you can see my photos of here) and did the self-guided grounds tour.  On the map, there is a trail out to another overlook of the house, which is blocked now that the trees have grown– maybe you can still see it in the winter.  Anyway, on  our trek out there, we started spotting all of these different mushrooms which thrilled me!  I love all the colors and shapes they come in.


short stroll through arsenal park…

A gorgeous day today, so I took a stroll through the park.  Sadly, the turkey coma last night made me forget to charge the battery so I only got a few pics.


Not sure if there are more mushrooms in my yard this year because of all the rain we’ve had, or if it’s just that I’ve never looked before.   As I was walking around my garden, I caught sight of a bright white ‘shroom under the pine tree.  As I started crawling around in the mud to get the right angle, I found at least three other species of mushrooms in that small area.  My favorite though are these super delicate little itty bitty guys.  They look like a fairy should be living in them.