Wash Woods cemetery

Last week, I visited False Cape State Park— a park that is between Virginia Beach and North Carolina and accessible only by foot, bike or paddle boat… or tram. The idea of a tram tour wasn’t too exciting since I like to meander and take photos and watch birds, but there was NNOOOO way I was going to walk 10 miles roundtrip with a heat index of over 100F (37.8C)! However, I knew there was a cemetery from the Wash Woods settlement that had been abandoned in the 1930’s, and the cemetery was on the tour– so off I went. Am so glad I did! Got some great shots of herons and egrets along the way, and the cemetery with it’s sea shell gifts was well worth the trip.


mushroom hunt

Last weekend, I visited Fallingwater (which you can see my photos of here) and did the self-guided grounds tour.  On the map, there is a trail out to another overlook of the house, which is blocked now that the trees have grown– maybe you can still see it in the winter.  Anyway, on  our trek out there, we started spotting all of these different mushrooms which thrilled me!  I love all the colors and shapes they come in.