I haven’t been to Phipps in what seems like ages, so when I saw that it was the last weekend for the fall flower show– I decided that I had to fit in a visit right away!  Here are some bright and cheery shots…. that happen to not be of any of the fall flowers– those to come later.


textured trio…

love the crazy numerous petals and varieties of mums on display at Phipps right now, had to go two weeks in a row to enjoy them all! here’s some shot with the lensbaby, with some texture added…

a walk in the park

About two years ago I switched from using Olympus cameras to Nikon, which sadly meant that all of my old lenses were useless on the new camera. I’ve slowly amassed a range of lenses but the one thing that was lacking from my Olympus days was a Lensbaby. I had the Lensbaby Muse for the Olympus and while I loved playing with it, the key is that I was “playing.” I can get some fun shots with it, but it’s not a lens that you use on a daily basis– at least not me, there are clearly some photogs that rock the Lensbaby all the time with GREAT results, but I’m not quite to that point. A couple weeks ago, I found a Lensbaby Composer for Nikon used and snatched it up! It’s barely been off my camera since, but yesterday was the first time that I really got to experiment with it. Here’s some of the results (but trust me, like 50x as many photos went straight to the trash!)

christmas spirit

Finished up all of my Christmas shopping, wrapped up all of the presents and even had some time left over to head out to Phipps for the Winter Flower show!


A couple weeks ago I bought this really spiffy collage-style frame that holds 9 photos.   I began the daunting task of working through and trying to choose the photos for the frame and had ideas of ones that I wanted to use but as I was working through Lightroom, I realized how lax I’ve gotten about adding keywords to my photos.  The bit of time that it takes to do this as you add them to LR is no where near how long you spend in a few months trying to find that ONE photo you need– trust me!  So, I’ve been going through the archives adding keywords and putting photos in places on the map in LR4.  In doing so, I discovered that I currently have 2719 photos from Phipps Conservatory.  Naturally I had to start going through them, so here’s a small collection of black and whites focusing on all the intricacies of flower petals…

something pretty

after racecars, my blog needs something pretty…

the bigger picture

Normally, when I visit Phipps Conservatory, a wide shot is when I get the whole flower in the frame… what can I say, I like details? So this time, I decided to try to get a few shots that actually show Phipps… the parts that make it unique. I never got around to taking off the 50mm, which I must do next time. I will also need to do this on a slightly overcast day because the sun is harsh coming through all of that glass!