took a bit of a break working on vacation photos to work on some photos from the Pittsburgh Botanical Garden… just some fun bugs and flowers.


all the pretty horses

About ten years ago I rode a horse for the first time…  and will never happen again!  Nothing bad happened, but to be really high up on top of a beast that you really have no control over is quite terrifying.  quite.  I think I will keep my feet planted firmly on the ground and snap their photos instead…

handsome here's looking at you, kid! landscape timid white beauty

cows by the road

Have you ever noticed that  cows are always by the road? They can have a huge field, but if they can get by the road– they will.  On a trip to West Virginia several years ago, well I guess I should say many since ‘several’ implies 5-6 and it’s been a few more than that… a trip that we called our “honeymoon” since it was the first vacation we took after getting married, albeit a year later… anyways, my husband and I got into an “argument” about whether cows like to be the road– he said yes, i said not really.  Well, we started keeping count– the whole trip (there’s not much excitement in West Virginia)… and then on the way home and well, forever.  And you know what– it’s like 762,931 to 5 that cows like to be by the road.  So that’s a long way to tell you that here’s some cows by the road.  While these weren’t cows in Hocking Hills, they were cows that we saw on the way there on some backroad that was deserted and so he stopped and I finally got to tog some cows (by the road).  And let me tell you a secret, they are waiting by the road for photographers to come take their picture.