I haven’t been to Phipps in what seems like ages, so when I saw that it was the last weekend for the fall flower show– I decided that I had to fit in a visit right away!  Here are some bright and cheery shots…. that happen to not be of any of the fall flowers– those to come later.


yarn bombed!

The Knit the Bridge project was installed on the Warhol bridge earlier this month… quite an extensive project as you can tell by the time lapse video. Yesterday, after visiting the Warhol museum, I went for a stroll along the bridge. It’s quite a colorful, festive bridge!

welcome to randyland…

Last weekend, we didn’t just meander (completely) aimlessly throughout the Mexican War Streets neighborhood… we actually had a destination in mind– Randyland! I’d never heard of this place before, but it is a treasure trove of photographic opportunities. Unfortunately, I didn’t carry my wide lens with me as I wanted to focus on just using the 50mm (sometimes I get a bit carried away with lens-swapping), so to see the whole picture you should really check out the image results on Flickr or Google. To entice you to check out Randyland, here a few of the details.

cracking, peeling, curling, amazing…

Some more shots from the Mexican War Streets neighborhood photowalk… this time focusing on all some of the gorgeous textures and colors of the paint. Such a colorful older neighborhood with so much beauty in the details!

big frogs, little frogs, dull frogs, bright frogs… lots and lots o’ frogs!

It wasn’t just the jellyfish that were new and interesting to me at Shedd Aquarium, but also all of the different frogs they have! I started to get pretty good at spotting them– you would think it’d be easier for a brightly colored as some are, but those bright ones tend to be really small so it’s not quite so easy. Here are a few of the ones I did catch…


Lots of colorful performers at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, and lots of fire too!!

pyrofest, grand finale

Sorry folks, I’ve whittled down my favorites as much as possible but it’s hopeless.  I have too many. So here is one big set, and my attempt to provide you with a soundtrack