Sheep Labor

Visited an old cemetery outside of Philadelphia this weekend…. and passed about 100 others. This area is a taphophile’s paradise!  The reason we actually visited this one is that the lawn is maintained by three sheep, and why wouldn’t you go to a cemetery that has sheep!  I couldn’t actually get close enough to pet them (though I tried!), so I just have to imagine how soft they feel when I look at the photos.



Last month, I visited McConnell’s Mill Park and tried to take a step back and focus on the big picture, rather than just closing in for macro shots with lots of pretty bokeh. I carried my tripod around for about 6 miles and must say that it was worth feeling like a pack mule when I finally got the chance to go through my photos this past weekend. Here are a few from the Hell’s Hollow trail.


Numbers mean nothing.  You can hear about how many “troops” die, but it’s really hard to grasp that a “troop” is a person, and how many people die for a “cause.” Visiting Arlington National cemetery, and seeing the rows upon rows of white graves, knowing that it is but a small number of the men and women who have died in war is… sobering.


Met some friends for dinner at the Church Brew Works last night, but took a short walk around the neighborhood first…  I love going to somewhere new and just looking around, you never know what you’ll find.  Didn’t really think that I got much while I was out, but what I did snap I really like and I need to remind myself that it’s quality, not quantity, that’s important.

fabulous fog

We had the thickest, most glorious fog yesterday morning.  Usually, the fog either dissipates before I get somewhere interesting but not yesterday!  I had to be on the University of Pittsburgh campus for work, and got to take some shots before the meeting.  Wish I could have spent even more time togging, but I’ll take what I can get :^)