Search for Blue Hole

Went on a quest to find a waterfall last weekend…  went down the wrong street first, but was rewarded with some stellar views and stumbled on a murder scene… and then found the right road and WHOA!  By the time we left, there were a slew of teenagers jumping off the cliff above the waterfall.  Oh, to be young and stupid again (though even then, I’d never have the guts to do that!)  And new item on my photography wishlist is an ND filter for the ultra-wide lens…




pretty in orange

Yesterday, I spotted a bright little spot in the tree…  fortunately, the visitor had found quite a feast in the tree at one of the worm webs and stuck around long enough for me to change lenses, find the memory card, and get back outside.  And I was quite happy when I realized that bright little spot was indeed an Oriole!  So, now the oriole feeder is back out (I’d given up on it a few years ago) so hopefully between the protein in the worms and the desserts of orange slices and grape jelly– I’ll be able to get a few more pics this summer.


i did it!

Around this time last year, I decided to learn how to knit…  it was a rocky start but several scarves and cowls, two pairs of socks, leg warmers, and boot cuffs later– I think I’ve got this down!  So I decided it was time to try out a sweater, but wasn’t ready to jump in to a 1500yd project, so I made a sweater for my friend’s super cute little girl.  I settled on making the Flax sweater by TinCanKnits  because they have an amazing photo tutorial, and while being fairly basic– the garter stitch on the sleeves gives it that something special.  Then, I found this amazing FairyTale color in the washable cotton yarn from Knitpicks (because seriously, who would make a kid a handwash sweater?!).  Two weeks later, project complete! and it feels like my biggest accomplishment of the year 🙂  Best part, it fit! and you couldn’t even see all the little mistakes I made.