Search for Blue Hole

Went on a quest to find a waterfall last weekend…  went down the wrong street first, but was rewarded with some stellar views and stumbled on a murder scene… and then found the right road and WHOA!  By the time we left, there were a slew of teenagers jumping off the cliff above the waterfall.  Oh, to be young and stupid again (though even then, I’d never have the guts to do that!)  And new item on my photography wishlist is an ND filter for the ultra-wide lens…




Sheep Labor

Visited an old cemetery outside of Philadelphia this weekend…. and passed about 100 others. This area is a taphophile’s paradise!  The reason we actually visited this one is that the lawn is maintained by three sheep, and why wouldn’t you go to a cemetery that has sheep!  I couldn’t actually get close enough to pet them (though I tried!), so I just have to imagine how soft they feel when I look at the photos.

sunset paddle

It’s been a several years since my first kayaking trip through the mangrove tunnels near Sarasota, Florida. I’ve been kayaking a time or two since, but it’s been awhile…so when my husband and I saw the sign for a sunset paddle on the very calm Back Bay in Virginia, we decided to sign up. As soon as I got in the kayak, I realized I forgot that you get really wet, especially when you paddling technique is somewhat lacking. I also realized that I can’t paddle a kayak in a straight line to save my life! and that whole paddle on the right side to go left– ha! forgot every time! It takes a lot of mental focus to move in the correct direction, especially for someone who just wants to look around the whole time. Fortunately for me, the other couple on the trip were also fairly novice so my struggles weren’t quite as obvious.

All of the effort was worth it though– I saw an owl fly by, a heron, an eagle nest (but no eagle), and had a lot of fun with a workout (surprisingly didn’t regret it the next morning either!) Another fortunate thing was that I got to borrow my cousin’s waterproof camera, so I was able to get some pics of the trip!

period people

I spent Labor Day weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia… mostly riding rollercoasters at Busch Gardens but we also spent a bit of time at Colonial Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg is an area where many of the buildings have been reconstructed/restored to the way the were before the American Revolution, and new buildings constructed using similar tools, materials, etc as then– to the extreme that they make the nails for new buildings by hand at the blacksmith! The workers all dress in period clothes, perform work according to period traditions and they have reenactments of historical events throughout the day. Last time I visited, I focused mainly on the details of the buildings, animals and things… but despite knowing that the people know their being photographed, I was still a bit shy of shooting them. I have a history nerd friend who was a bit disappointed with my lack of people photos in the last trip, so this time I made a strong effort to get the people…

resting by the sea

One of the things that attracted my husband to Puerto Rico when deciding on where we should go on vacation was the cemetery in Old San Juan. It’s next to the ocean, between the two forts, and absolutely gorgeous with all of the white crosses and statues. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear to be open to the public. However, you could get pretty close to it by walking out along the fort walls, and I managed to get some pretty good shots. I will confess though, I didn’t see the green parakeets… my husband texted me and I was running over but they flew away before I got there 😦

Dinosaurs are ALIVE!!

Before leaving for vacation, I was hoping to see at least one iguana (maybe two, if I was really lucky!), and maybe some other little lizards. Little did I know! The first set we saw were at San Cristobal, one of the Spanish forts in San Juan. There was a pile of rocks and I saw at least half a dozen in the area, thrilling! Saw a bunch of other lizards around that area. Then, on the other side of the island at Isabela, apparently the iguanas can grow up to 5 feet long and are considered a bit of nuisance. Saw a couple more iguanas, a bunch of little lizards (even an itty bitty baby, only about an inch big), and even a couple bright blue lizards (sadly, that was when I was atop a horse and working a camera while still terrified of the horse was out of the question!).

It was pretty hard to chose favorites, so here’s a bunch for you! Enjoy! (and remember, you can click on them to see them larger on black… they are much better that way).