Over Christmas, I spent the week with my nieces and nephew (oh, and the rest of the family…). I always come with plenty of craft and game ideas for the kids, but this year… as we were wondering around one of those “everything’s a dollar” stores, my husband spied an aisle of glow-jewelry and got a bright (hehe) idea for a fun time with the kids, that was really all a project for me 😉 So, a basket full of necklaces and bracelets in every available color later, and a rave with a 3, 6, and 8 yo in the basement, and this is what we got! The kiddos had a blast, and I got to take some really cool shots. Trying to get them to do anything planned was a bit like herding kittens, so everything here (except my poor attempt at drawing angel wings) was spontaneous. Maybe it’s just because I did it with kids, but I see animals and dinosaurs in a lot of the shots… what do you see?


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