Last week, I got an email from with a Top 20 list of fall recipes. It apparently came at a time when I was starving because I drooled over almost all of the recipes! So, this weekend, I decided to try and make a few of them. I do enjoy cooking, though I don’t do it as much as I used to… and sometimes it feels like a hassle to just cook for two. Today, I had a lot of success, though now I’ve come to realize that my food photography needs a bit of work. Guess I’ll just have to keep cooking so I can keep practicing the togging…

For breakfast… a sweet and savory dish – Ciabatta French Toast with Warm Apple Maple Syrup. Gryuere cheese inside the french toast, a bit of shallots in with the apples, and lots of bacon on the side!

For dinner… we had to use the rest of that bacon (actually, this was my excuse to buy the bacon since we try to avoid it since eating a pound of this delicacy is nothing for my husband and I…. mmmm BACON!) so I made Bacon and Butternut Squash pasta. This also tied in with breakfast because it, too, used Gruyere cheese. I followed the recipe, mostly, but maybe tripled the amount of cheese and bacon in it 🙂 Really, 1/3 cup of cheese for 8 servings? 2 pieces of bacon? What kind of non-sense is that?! And, proud to report, more success! Which is good because I have a LOT left.


Any thoughts?

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