Dinosaurs are ALIVE!!

Before leaving for vacation, I was hoping to see at least one iguana (maybe two, if I was really lucky!), and maybe some other little lizards. Little did I know! The first set we saw were at San Cristobal, one of the Spanish forts in San Juan. There was a pile of rocks and I saw at least half a dozen in the area, thrilling! Saw a bunch of other lizards around that area. Then, on the other side of the island at Isabela, apparently the iguanas can grow up to 5 feet long and are considered a bit of nuisance. Saw a couple more iguanas, a bunch of little lizards (even an itty bitty baby, only about an inch big), and even a couple bright blue lizards (sadly, that was when I was atop a horse and working a camera while still terrified of the horse was out of the question!).

It was pretty hard to chose favorites, so here’s a bunch for you! Enjoy! (and remember, you can click on them to see them larger on black… they are much better that way).


Any thoughts?

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