caterpillar attack!

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed… I just got back from 10days in Puerto Rico and have nearly 4000 photos to work my way through. Where to start?! What to show first?! Well, as I’ve begun the arduous task of tagging the photos, I noticed that I had a nice, manageable set caterpillar pictures. These gigantic critters were on a gorgeous pink flowering bush next to where I parked to check into our beach condo… they’d pretty much ravaged the plant. There were about 5-6 inches long, wider than my thumb, and quite hungry. There were about 20 of them on this poor bush, which now has no leaves. They’ve been pretty easy to identify since it’s the first thing that pops up in google when you search “puerto rico caterpillar”… a Tetrio Sphinx moth– not very exciting at all. Just a big brown moth. Kind of the ugly duckling in reverse…


2 thoughts on “caterpillar attack!

  1. 4000?? haha thats bonkers, you’ll have 2 more holidays before you finish them 🙂 I’m 2 holidays behind and only took 600 each time! Nice caterpillar ~ shame he turned out plain.

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