Ah!! Ah!!

Yes, on Saturday, I was so excited I could not form words.  I glanced out my kitchen window, down towards all of my bird feeders, and had to do a double-take… “What’s that big black bug by the hummingbird feeder?”  oh, oH? OH!!!  It’s a hummingbird!!!  And… gone.

So then Sunday, I spot it again!  But alas, it disappeared before I could get my camera together because of course, I’d just gotten home from a museum and the 35mm was on the camera and we were never going to see it taken with that! So I fumbled around and got the 300mm on and again… gone.

Tonight, home from work… standing at the window, camera loaded up with the 300mm in hand, waiting. and waiting. and waiting.  (ok, it was really only like 5 minutes, but I was hungry and time flows really slow then).  I give up and decide to finish getting dinner ready so I put the camera on the desk, walk back into the kitchen and glance out (by the end of summer I’m going to develop a nervous tick for as much as I jerk to look out my windows to look at birds) and AH! it’s back!  Run to get cam again, run back (it’s like 20 feet) and snap snap snap snap!  Success!!

While these aren’t the best, I’m still pretty rocked by my first capture of hummingbird!  And that I’ve had one three days in a row.  And pretty sure I have seen two because the first one was definitely darker than this one.  Tomorrow I might stop to see if I can still snag some $3 feeders to hang all over my yard, and hopefully I’ll be able to attract enough that they will hang out while I’m outside and get a bit closer so I don’t have to crop so heavy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ah!! Ah!!

    • I just ordered three more, and they are much prettier than this one so fingers crossed that they like them. I had two different ones today– one with a red throat, one without— both disappeared before I got the camera though 😦

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