smoothed waves

Just spent Thanksgiving weekend in Virginia, but sadly only had enough time to make it to the beach one day.  Before I left, I got an eBook on slow shutter speeds.  It had a section on “Intentional Camera Movement” photography, which I’ve tried before with some success, but couldn’t wait to try on the beach.  I got one that worked perfectly! Love the way it smoothed everything into a watercolor-esque photo.  However, I still like the normal long exposure photo too.


3 thoughts on “smoothed waves

    • hmm… this sounds like someone i know being sneaky and posting anonymously 🙂 No more than my usual post-processing. it was a tad overexposed. but the blur is all in cam, no photoshopping to get it!

  1. So the first one is ICM and the 2nd one is LE, right?
    Either way, the first one is excellent!
    Did you consider cropping the sand off so you just had the two blocks? Maybe just nip the top off the sky to make the blocks equal. Just a suggestion 🙂
    Top right (in both), something needs a clean.

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