A couple weeks ago I bought this really spiffy collage-style frame that holds 9 photos.   I began the daunting task of working through and trying to choose the photos for the frame and had ideas of ones that I wanted to use but as I was working through Lightroom, I realized how lax I’ve gotten about adding keywords to my photos.  The bit of time that it takes to do this as you add them to LR is no where near how long you spend in a few months trying to find that ONE photo you need– trust me!  So, I’ve been going through the archives adding keywords and putting photos in places on the map in LR4.  In doing so, I discovered that I currently have 2719 photos from Phipps Conservatory.  Naturally I had to start going through them, so here’s a small collection of black and whites focusing on all the intricacies of flower petals…


2 thoughts on “intricacies

  1. These are excellent in B&W, Julie. I must be braver and try some flower shots in B&W, although that may now have to wait till spring.
    I hear ya about the keywords, such little time required when importing. Not upgraded to LR4 yet (maybe a Xmas pressie) but I like the idea of the map thingy.

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