i ♥ food

Last week, I went to the McKeesport International Village festival.  I can’t believe that I have lived in Pittsburgh for 6 years now and this is the first time I’ve heard of this festival!  Tons of delicious food and there was some great people watching too.  Unfortunately, I was not brave enough to aim my camera at anything except the food vendors, but maybe next year (and oh yes! I WILL be going back next year!) I will be more brazen with the camera.  For now, I’ll just have to make your mouth water rather than your eyes’ pop!


2 thoughts on “i ♥ food

  1. I’m from PIttsburgh (my whole life), I’m relatively close to McKeesport, and I never even heard of it. Nice collection of shots. The guy w/ the gyro meet w/ the towel over his head was the best of the bunch. Looks like a lot of good food.

    • it’s a rather odd festival in that it runs Tues-Thurs, which could be a big part of why I hadn’t heard of it since I tend to look for events on weekends. Thank you for taking the time to comment (and that’s my favorite photo of the bunch as well)

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