stegapillar and green monster

After a bit of kayaking on Sunday, I went on a bug hunt.  I was really on the hunt for more cool shield bugs like the one I found last weekend, or perhaps a dragonfly… but I didn’t have any luck with either of those.  I did find this amazing caterpillar monster on a bench (and moved to a more “natural” location) that I believe to be a white marked tussock moth caterpillar.  After an extensive photoshoot with the caterpillar, I decided to call it a day. However, on the walk back to the car, my husband spotted this green grasshopper in the weeds (he’s a much better bug hunter than I am!).  I figured the grasshopper would be gone as soon as I knelt down, but instead he just wanted to play a bit of peek-a-boo.  So then, we decided to clean up the area a bit and move the tall grass… still no movement! Few more snaps and my husband pulled down the stem, and still no movement! Didn’t jump away until I moved to get up and walk away… pretty successful bug hunt!


Any thoughts?

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