I visited Fallingwater for the first time about 5-6 years ago when I moved to Pittsburgh.  On that visit, we did the house tour and I must say that just walking around the outside does not do it justice- you need to be inside to experience the full amazing genius of the architecture and how intertwined  the house is with nature.   Not only is the house built on the waterfall, but there’s parts where the rocks from the waterfall are actually the floor.  It is really stunning, but the problem with the house tour is that you aren’t allowed to take photographs.  They simply move too many people through every day to let them dawdle with their cameras (if you ever plan to go, make sure you book at least a week in advance!).  However, you can do the self-guided grounds tour, and you can take photos every where, even on the terraces and up at the pool.  Anyway, if you are ever in the Pittsburgh area, this place should be on your must-see list– just be prepared for the no camera policy.


5 thoughts on “fallingwater

  1. Very nice series, really like the way you’ve captured the architecture both in and out. Low PoV in final image is particularly inspired. Great use of lines and shapes too particularly in the window and stair images.

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  3. Your pictures are fantastic – great work! And Fallingwater is an incredible place! Frank Lloyd Wright was a brilliant architect. I would encourage anyone living in or visiting this area southeast of Pittsburgh to take a day and go visit Fallingwater and the surrounding area.

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