0722- a day at the races

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is this weekend… and while I’m not really into race cars, the PVGP is pretty cool!  Old cars and serpentine roads through Schenley Park make it much more interesting than a normal car race.  So I woke up early yesterday to beat the crowds and to find easy parking and met up with a couple other photographers for the practice laps.  My goal was to get at least one good shot of a car with motion blur in the background…  and found that it’s not nearly has hard as it seems! To do this, you have to have your shutter around 1/100 and as the car comes, you focus on the numbers and press the shutter and follow it for that 1/100 of second– so the car stays crisp, but the background is blurred.  I found the hardest part was simply not chopping off the back of the car.  Anyway, here’s some of my faves from the races…


Any thoughts?

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