I haven’t spent much time in the aquarium lately… it’s just been too crowded to spend the time and effort needed to get good shots lately, at least if I don’t want to THOSE photographers anyways.  Last night was member’s night at the zoo, though, so it was slightly less crowded than it’s been the past few times, though I can’t wait til winter when it really empties out.  Shooting fish is weird– there are of course the issues with glass (reflections, fingerprints, smears) and it’s fairly dark, and fish move quickly in every direction– all of which make it challenging.  But then, there’s the added parts, the colors of the fish and the bokeh that you get from their surroundings that get blurred and enhanced by the glass and water, the colors that come out seem much more vivid (and that’s before I get ahold of them in post-processing, bwahaha!).  I end up deleting most of what I shoot, but the keepers make me SO happy that I made the effort.  So, here’s a few from last night, but you can see some others here too.


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