through the gorge and around the top

The first day we were at Hocking Hills, we went to the Rock House, which I’ve shown you already, and then to Conkle’s Hollow.  In the morning, with the whole family we went along the gorge trail to the “waterfall.”  This time of year, there really aren’t waterfalls at Hocking Hills– more like small trickles off a ledge.  On our way out, it rained- a complete downpour- but fortunately we could stand under a rock overhang and wait it out for a few minutes.  At first, I was a bit upset about the rain but when the steaminess came and caught the light rays, I couldn’t have been happier!  And it kept down some of the crowds for a bit, which is always a bonus.  After the gorge trail, my husband and I went along the rim trail.  It’s a bit longer (2.5miles) so no one else wanted to go, and I’m glad they didn’t. I was scared for myself at how close to the edge of the 200ft cliffs we had to walk along, I can’t imagine my anxiety my nieces and nephew had been with us!  I think you’ll see why…



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