fireworks, daytime edition

Spent a gloriously beautiful (albeit quite warm, 90F/29C) day at Hartwood Acres for Pyrofest yesterday!  Several small firework bouts and then two full events with music– it was an amazing spectacle! I can not wait til next year 🙂  So, be warned, there will be a few fireworks posts coming up in the next few days but first, we’ll start with the daytime smoke fireworks.  I really think baseball teams (or at least the ones that get homeruns and wins and such, unlike my beloved Cubbies) should invest in smoke fireworks for the day games.  just my two cents.

So, the day started up with a bunch of screeching and bangs with a burst of color….

…which quickly faded into really pretty clouds…

…then there was a 21-gun salute (it is Memorial Day Weekend and all!)…

…that ended in explosions of purple smoke…

…but that quickly started to blow away…

…and the reason for why smoke shows are very short (the little dots throughout are the ash falling from the sky)…

…more normal fireworks to come later…  🙂


4 thoughts on “fireworks, daytime edition

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  2. Very cool Julie, no idea this was even possible! The coloured smoke clouds are to die for – I would totally print that second shot, would look great in an office!

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