the venue as art

The Art All Night event took place on Saturday night, and while I’ve been too crazed lately to get around to getting a piece ready for submission (I got my first sale at last year’s event!), I did make it to the event to wander around and look at the bizarre collection of art that amasses at a free, non-juried show.  Craziness!  But, as is typical for me when there’s an art event in an old building… it’s the building that holds my attention.  Here are a few photos of art and a bunch of the Willow Creek Developments warehouse where it held.


One thought on “the venue as art

  1. Lights, shadows, colours, shapes…

    Beautiful. Your camera’s found some stunning art. I love the strong concept behind these as well the cheeky idea that ‘found’ art can challenge the ‘real’ art from under its nose.

    Brilliant stuff.

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