B&A- snow bird

I really like to look out the window and watch it snow, while enjoying the warmth inside.  My desire to stay warm is a bit of an obstacle when it comes to wanting pictures where it’s snowing… so tonight, I decided to see if I could make it snow in a photo I took a sparrow in my backyard.  I started with this photo…

Of course it needed to be cropped… even with the 300mm I couldn’t get close enough to make me happy.  I upped the exposure to lighten it a bit.  And I didn’t like the darker twig, but a bit of “content aware fill” got rid of that.  Leaving me with this…

Now it was time to add some snow.  Quick google search lead me to an awesome tutorial.  You’ll want to go there for the step-by-step, but basically you just add a layer, fill it black, add noise, brighten noise, add blur+more blur, then motion blur.  Overlay at Screen 100%.  Copy the layer and use the pixelate/crystalize and then a bit more motion and flip the layer 180′ so that the “snowflakes” don’t overlap and overlay with Screen at 100% again, and here ya go!


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