B&A- berries edition

Been playing around with textures a lot lately, so I figure since I didn’t go too crazy with this photo, I’ll write up how I processed it.  Here’s the photo we’re starting with…

Even though I like the bright color, I guess the winter blahs have gotten me because this just seemed way too cheery– so I used the SarahJI WarmFade preset, but then brought the red saturation up a bit.  Then a bit of crop to recompose and bring us to this…

Moving into Photoshop Elements, I start by adding a stained paper texture that I downloaded awhile back from LostAndTaken.com.  By blending it with “soft light” at 43%, the photo becomes a bit warmer and keeps some of the spottiness from the texture.

Next, I feel the colors need a bit more pop.  One of the best ways I’ve found to increase colors without using the sliders is to just overlay the photo on top of itself (or in this case it’s on top of the stained paper texture).  Again, I blended the layer using “Soft Light,” this time at about 75%.

To finish it up, I wanted a bit of a frame around it. In the February Assorted Textures pack from SkeletalMess was a nice layer with a dark border.  I added it on top of everything and left it at normal at 100%.  So that I could reveal my berries but leave the border, I added a layer mask and then hid the layer everywhere but the frame, removing almost everything in the center, but then only masking about 50% towards the border to allow it to blend  together.  So here’s the final work…


2 thoughts on “B&A- berries edition

  1. Nice detailed information and I do like the thought process you went through to achieve your final “perceived” shot. I’ve struggled with texture use, they never seem to end up like how I initially imagined, hopefully this will inspire some of the dull winter shots I seem to keep taking.

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