night walk

I recently discovered the Pittsburgh Photo Safari meetup group– a bunch of very diverse people who like beer and photography.  Last night was the first event that I have been able attend with the group where a camera was actually involved  (the beer followed afterwards though :).  We met at Station Square and walked along the Three Rivers Heritage trail, there was some light painting going on, some voyeur photography, some trains… seeing the unprocessed shots on the cameras makes me very anxious to see what everyone got!  Me, I didn’t get much.  I’ve rarely shot at night so I am not comfortable with long exposures (need to work on that) and  the tripod I bought an hour before the meetup sucked (it’s going back today!).  But I did manage a few keepers imho, and I can’t wait to go on the next photowalk with them (I’m just hoping it’s a daylight walk).


4 thoughts on “night walk

  1. I like these too. I love the way everything’s so different after dark. Tripods can also double up as weapons if you get in any bother. Puddle and beer bottles def my fave of these.

  2. Some great shots, especially that puddle one! I wish there were some meetups locally, it’s a great way to meet like minded souls and company is always welcome, especially at night. Great idea about the tripod, buy one, use it, take it back and get a refund 😉

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