Pittsburgh gallery crawl… kinda





Friday night was the Pittsburgh gallery crawl, so my friends and I headed downtown to check out some art.  To be honest, I don’t “get” most art  Some was interesting… Like the “Cell Phone Disco” that is supposed to have the lights react to cell phone signals.  The lights moved around and all, but I have no idea if it was related to cell phone use.




And then there was this huge acorn that broke a bench.  I suppose it was interesting, but I only took a picture because my friend wanted to show it to her daughter who’s 2.5 years old.  There were some other neat works that I didn’t take pictures of (I know, I’m not much of a photojournalist) but the reason is I got distracted by something much more interesting than the art– the amazing old buildings that were acting as galleries!  In the space around the broken bench were these…

Then we ended up over at the Handmade Arcade, which was set up at 929 Liberty Avenue.  

As I was taking some shots of the peeling paint and exposed brick, one of the lovely ladies working the event offered to let me peak around in the back and upstairs.  Sadly, it was quite clean and organized, but I did find some rather useful graffiti (well, useful if I had lost).

Can’t wait til spring when we can check out more art and old buildings…


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