playing in purple

I took these hosta pics with my Lensbaby Muse.  This is a fun “toy” lens– it’s basically an optic that’s seated in an accordian that can be squeezed in-out, up-down, left-right to move move the “focus sweet spot” around.  You end up getting really crazy bokeh, and depending on the optic that’s in you get soft to sharp focus.  For these, I was using the Single glass optic which gives a decent amount of sharpness but still has a bit of a dreamy quality to it.  When I started togging, the sun was out, but it quickly went back into hiding.  At first I was upset, until I realized that the purple had taken on a glow of it’s own and while I did play with these in Lightroom to make them even more dark and moody, it all started because of the dreamy purple in real life.


One thought on “playing in purple

  1. I’m convinced moss and perhaps purple plants too, have a degree of luminescence. the greens in moss always seem to glow whenever it gets really gloomy. These shots look like floral jewellery.

Any thoughts?

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