B&A- soft and sweet grave

My goal is to have at least one B&A post each week.  One of the reasons that I want to do this is that I still appreciate seeing that other photographers don’t have perfect photos SOOC.  Second, I hate when people act like SOOC is the way to go– maybe it is, sometimes… but really, isn’t there always something that could be improved?  Just something that could be tweaked to give the photo that extra oomph!

For this week’s B&A, I have chosen one of the graves from the Goldenrod cemetery in the last post.  This one was not near the goldenrods, and I felt it needed different tones than the shots in the last post.  One of the best tools for a photographer are Lightroom Presets.  Yes, you can buy them– but I’m cheap so I don’t.  Two of my favorite free sources for presets are Chris Wolf and Sarah-Ji.  With this photo, I started with Chris Wolf’s “fable” preset (the change from pic 1 to pic 2).  I then increased the clarity on the grave, slid the red sliders to enhance the colors on the flowers and ran an exposure decrease brush over the sky a bit.   To finish it all off, in GIMP (another free program) I added a texture by Pareeerica at “soft light” to enhance the blues and to give the sky a touch of color.


3 thoughts on “B&A- soft and sweet grave

  1. I’m not sure what B&A means*, but I’m liking seeing your thought processes from the sight to the final image.

    *Doh! Just read the tags and I get it now, “Before&After”, doh again!”

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